Family Films FAQ

What do you mean by a cinematic “Ken Burns” style video?

We are different than other companies who will preserve your family photos and home movies in a short video. We make long form documentary videos that tell your family’s history in a cinematic style. We capture your family members’ stories while they are still here to tell them in their own voices through personal interviews and combine them with your family’s archived photos and home movies.  The story is told in a beautifully and professionally edited video.

How do the interviews work?

We send an interviewer (producer), cameraperson and assistant to where your loved ones are located.  Sometimes people are comfortable in their own home or can’t travel.  Whenever possible we try to gather your family in one common place for cost and efficiency.  It’s also has the added plus of a family reunion.

Who do you interview?

There’s usually one person in every family who is a great storyteller.  But there are many other family members that have stories to tell that you will want archived.  In the end film, everyone’s stories will complement one another to tell the family story from many perspectives. A good story is multi-dimensional.

What questions do you ask?

Essentially questions that trigger stories.  Questions about relatives who are no longer here, family values, what you did for fun as a child, school memories, interests, accomplishments, good times, or  hard times. 

How much does it cost?

Prices are quoted based on the video option you desire which is tailored specifically to your family and your story. Quotes will include a line item approach outlining what you will be paying for.  

Pricing is dependent on the scope of the project.  How many family members do you want to interview? Where are they located? Will they gather in one place? How big is your family archive of photos and/or movies?  

Many times costs can be shared among family members if budget is a consideration.

Who will see the video?

That’s up to you. You may share it privately amongst your family members or post it on YouTube. 

As a discreet and professional production company we do not share your family’s information, photos or footage, unless we seek and receive your written permission.

How is the video delivered to you?

We can create DVD’s or Blu-Ray Discs for your family or send you digital files that you can upload to electronic platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo or your own family's website.