What are your family stories? 

T he Mooney family. I'm the child smiling.

The Mooney family. I'm the child smiling.


Every family has a story

And every family has its storytellers who keep their family stories alive.

I have fond memories of my grandmother telling stories as we lingered at the table long after the family meal had been consumed.  If she ever didn’t have a story to tell, my mom would.  Maybe that’s why I became a storyteller, first as a still photographer, now as a filmmaker. 

My mother died suddenly – unexpectedly. We had no warning and one day she was gone from our lives forever.  I’d give anything to hear her voice again. To hear her giggle.  To hear her tell a story that she had told a hundred times.

Other than some scattered photos, random letters and a few mementos, all I have left are my memories of her but they have begun to fade.

A biography video has the power to preserve your family stories and history with imagery, sound and music. Imagine capturing and preserving your family's legacy through the power of cinema. That’s what we can do for you. We create videos about and for your family told through personal interviews with your loved ones voice before they are no longer here to tell them.

Preserve your family’s story and legacy for your children and your grandchildren in a priceless documentary video and keepsake. Every family has a story to tell and a legacy to pass on to future generations.

A laugh, a giggle, a blurred smile, a glance, a wink, a memory, a story.

 A life’s story remembered.

Director Gail Mooney

As a photographer and a filmmaker, I capture the story with my camera. I’ve had a rewarding career shooting assignments for clients like The National Geographic Society, Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure as well as international corporations and non-profits. I transitioned from still photography to motion about 15 years ago and have been in love with the medium ever since.  I produce and direct corporate videos as well as independent films.  A recent documentary, Opening Our Eyes, has screened and received numerous awards at film festivals all over the world.  

I am a storyteller and I believe that everyone has a story inside them. I’m a skilled interviewer and an interested listener. I put people at ease and I know the questions to ask that get compelling answers which bring a story to life.