Have You Ever Wondered How Your Grandparents or

Great Grandparents Really Lived? 

Photos and home movies capture the heart and soul of your family’s story.  Sadly, most of us simply tuck them away in old albums or shoeboxes and they are at risk of being lost forever.

·  We organize, edit and/or digitize your photographs, videos and home movies.  We take your analog photographs, videos and home movies and edit, digitize and preserve them for future generations.

·  We create custom photo books and video montages.  We make custom albums, books, and videos captured from your family’s photographic archive.

·  We create video memoirs. We interview on-camera conversations with your loved ones capturing their oral histories while they are still here to tell them.

·  We create family biography videos.  Creating “Ken Burns” style family biography films are our specialty. No two family stories are alike so we customize each film. Films include on-camera interviews with your family members, additional current day footage of family (b-roll), old photos and home movies from your family's archives woven together with a scripted narrative brought to life by a professional voiceover talent.  ·  


Do you have boxes of old photographs, videos or home movies you'd like organized and preserved ?

We can edit and preserve your photographs and home movie highlights  with a keepsake

video montage